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BIG Progress on the Film - My Old School

Posted by on April 2, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Our documentary is officially titled My Old School. I had thought of some other ideas like "I am the Old School" because of the unique personality the building has, but decided it didn't bring out the nostalgia enough. We want people to connect with the film even if they aren't from Woonsocket or Rhode Island, and everyone always says "I remember my old school" or "At my old school...". So, we went with My Old School.

Updates on the Uncommon Blog will be pretty spaced out from now on. Production of the film is kicking into high gear. We've filmed over 25 former students so far, with a whole lot more to follow. I'm in charge of all the editing and post production, so I'll be keeping busy. For more updates on the film go like our Facebook page and check back at the official website at I update those much more often - that's where all the news will happen.

We're aiming for a September 2013 release.



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